Puppy Training Tips

Puppies: they’re cute, sweet, cuddly and can raise several questions, especially for first time dog owners. Star Dog is here to help!

Star Dog specializes helping you develop your puppy into a happy, socialized, well-trained urban canine.

Star Dog Puppy class starts at 15 weeks and completion of vaccinations.  Puppy class teaches owners how to train fundamental commands, provides tips and advice on management techniques in the home and demonstrates confidence building exercises during class for your puppy. Most important is for your pup to have positive experiences and to begin training to build confidence and focus.

When a new puppy is brought home it is important to remember that prep work and a structured daily routine is key! Here are a few tips to help manage a new puppy in the home:

Have their “puppy area” all set up. This includes a crate that is large enough so they can stand up and turn around in and gated doorways or a play pen area to help manage and contain your pup.

Puppy-friendly toys are important! No stuffed animals that they can chew the eyes off of or is full of small beaded filling. This can be dangerous for a teething puppy.

Be sure to use their name positively to get their attention and praise them for good behavior.

Develop a consistent food/water schedule with many opportunities to go outside to potty!  Consider regulating the water bowl because most puppies will drink lots of water when available.  This can create house-breaking problems in the crate and inside the house.

Puppy Training Class -> Saturdays 11am - 12:30pm! Contact us to sign up!