Life gets busy, so let Star Dog help you!

With our customized maintenance lessons, a trainer will work with your dog one on one while they spend the day here at the facility. This means your dog will get not only their socialization, but repetition, absorption and relaxation all in a day of camp for an additional cost!

​Need a little extra help? Star Dog also offers obedience boot camps, designed specifically to what your dog needs. Whether its confidence building alongside fundamentals or an off-leash boot camp, the canine coaches have what it takes to work with you and your dog’s needs. With a lesson at pick up, a trainer will work with you one-on-one to make sure all owners are also comfortable and confident in handling their dog and following through on all obedience commands.

Star Dog Training Programs:

Puppy Classes
Fast Paced Obedience Class
Fun Agility Class

On-Site Private Training
On-Site Bootcamps (3 -5 Days)

Day Camp Training